When Adam First

When Adam first had breath of life

All in that golden place,

He dwelt in peace with Bird and Beast,

And knew God face to face.

Man’s Spirit first went forth in speech

To Name each Creature dear;

God called to all in Fellowship,

They came without a fear.

They romped in play, and sang, and flew –

Each motion was a praise

For God’s  great Creativity

That filled those early days.

How shrunk, how dwindled, in our times

Creation’s mighty seed –

For Man has broke the Fellowship

With murder, lust, and greed.

Oh Creatures dear, that suffer here,

How may we love restore?

We’ll name you in our inner Hearts,

And call you Friend once more.

from The God's Gardeners Oral Hymnbook from Margaret Atwoods' Year of the Flood