The Peach Or Plum

The Peach or Plum that spreads its boughs

Is beauteous at time of flower,

And Birds and Bees and Bats rejoice,

And sip its nectar hour by hour.

And Pollination then takes place:

For every Nut or Seed or Fruit,

A tiny golden particle

Has winged its way, and taken root.

Then swells the oval on the stem,

And slowly ripens, week by week –

Within it stored the nourishment

That Birds and Beasts and Men do seek.

And in each Seed or Fruit or Nut

Is coiled a silver infant Tree

That will arise if planted right,

Unfurling flowers, a joy to see.

When next you eat a golden Peach

And lightly throw away the pit,

Consider how it shines with Life –

God dwelling in the midst of it.

from The God's Gardeners Oral Hymnbook from Margaret Atwoods' Year of the Flood