Oh Lord, You Know Our Foolishness

Oh Lord, You know our foolishness,

And all our silly deeds;

You watch us scamper here an there,

Pursuing useless greeds.

We sometimes doubt that You are Love,

And we forget to thank;

We find the Sky an empty voi,

The Universe a blank.

We fall into despondency,

And curse the hour that bore us;

We either claim You don’t exist,

Or else that You ignore us.

So pardon us these vacant moods,

Our dour and gloomy sayings;

Today we own ourselves Your Fools,

And celebrate by playing.

We make a full acknowledgement

Of all in us that’s vain –

Our petty strifes and tiny woes,

Our self-inflicted pain.

At April Fish we jest and sing

And laugh with childish glee;

We puncture pomp and puffed-up pride,

And smile at all we see.

Your starry World’s beyond our thought,

And wondrous without measure;

We pray, among Your Treasures bright,

Your Fools You’ll also treasure.

from The God's Gardeners Oral Hymnbook from Margaret Atwoods' Year of the Flood