Nuala (also known Eve Nine or "the Wet Witch") is a character in Margaret Atwood's "The Year of the Flood."

Character HistoryEdit

Nuala is first mentioned when Toby joins the God's Gardeners after being rescued from Blanco; Toby is said not to have sewed the way Nuala had asked her to. Nuala is also the one who tells Toby that she must wear her hair long as all the God's Gardeners do. 

According to Ren's memories of the Gardner's chants, Nuala is said to have joined the God's Gardeners in Year Eight. Nuala also taught the small children, led the Buds and Bloom Choir, and handled Fabric Recycling. Nuala is described by Ren as being sensitive, hence her nickname, "the Wet Witch" as she had a damp mouth, wobbly bum, and she could be made to cry easily. 

Nuala created a portrait of Brendan the Voyager as a prize for the finder of Noah during the Festival of Arks in Year Ten. She is considered a huge flirt, and Ren often wondered how often she was having sex since she flirted so frequently; Toby also thought that there was a possibility of Nuala hooking up with Zeb, although that may have been out of a deeply unconscious jealousy.   Controversy arises when Amanda believes that Nuala and Burt were going to the Vinegar Room twice a week to have sex. After Burt's arrest, Nuala denies that there is any truth to the rumor. 

Nuala tells Toby that Pilar has chosen to die and takes over her class so that Toby can see Pilar. Toby's describes inaccurate lyrics as being what Hell would be like. When Pilar passes away, Toby describes Nuala as talking to the snails, as Pilar did with the bees.

Memorable Quotes[1]Edit

  • (to Toby): "You'll want to grow your hair. Get rid of that scalped look. We Gardener women all wear our hair long." (46)
  • (Older boys' chant): Wet Witch, Wet Witch/ Big fat slobbery bitch/ Sell her to the butcher, make yourself rich/ Eat her in a sausage, Wet Wet Witch! (62)
  • (explaining why she air dries clothes): "God made the sun for a reason." (64)

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