Saint Euell Gibbons was a large proponent of natural diets in the 1960s. He published a variety of books and articles about eating wild foods.[1]

According to Adam One, Saint Euell "provided for his family through his natural knowledge" and taught to uses of "Your many puffballs, and other wholesome Fungi" as well as the "dangers of the poisonous species." He also taught a lot of other essential lessons about natural foods, such as onion, asparagus, garlic, willow, dandelion, nettle, sorrel, cattails, blueberries, and cranberry. 

Saint Euell is a very important saint for the God's Gardeners. He has an entire week dedicated to him, in which the Gardeners go out foraging for food. Pilar leads everyone through Heritage Park to look for Fungi, and Burt helps everyone find edible weeds. Zeb teaches everyone to trap small animals, of course only when absolutely necessary. His significance lies in his teachings about natural foods, which is a key part of the God's Gardeners' beliefs. 

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